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Email Marketing


Email Marketing That Makes You Widen Your Customer Reach

The consolidation of relations with customers leads, associates, and the potential customers are defined through effective emails. It has additionally developed into an effective tool for marketing, as there is room for personalization of the texts. OnServe provides its clients with the maximum possible support by creating conversion generating email campaings. 

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What We Offer

The charms and the art of email marketing is entailed into the service of OnServe through these following leads -

The optimal personalized experience is provided

Studies reveal that 80% of the customers are likely to engage with the products through personalized emails. OnServe has got your back in this tricky business. Though customized emails are a great technique, a specific boundary has to be respected. Our team of experts has nearly perfected this skill.

The best time slot to email you customers is analyzed

Emails are prone to be ignored if sent on a busy Monday morning. Researchers agree that there is an optimum time frame to engage the customers. Similarly, birthday emails have a great response in terms of customer engagements. We optimize this process for our clients and ensure maximum engagement.

Mobile-friendly emails are promoted to maximize the reach

Restricting the realm of emails to computer experience reduced the reach. Hence, OnServe believes in making emails mobile-friendly. Short subject titles that are catchy in nature enhance the cause. This format is desirable for many clients. Easy-to-tap helps this experience of the existing customers. 

A thorough analysis of the customer

base is provided

Segmenting the list of customers helps to differentiate and better the marketing strategy. There are several types of customers for a particular business. Proper segmenting with OnServe help send customized emails to the customers according to the analysis provided. This maximizes the engagement of the list by a massive margin.

Methods to re-engage

customers are implemented

It is possible to exhaust the list to be emailed. OnServe has the perfect solution for this. It has practical strategies to revamp the list and ensure that the old customers continue to re-engage with the emails. This prevents the decay of the list and ensures the growth of the business.

Why Should You Invest in Email Marketing?

Email marketing has proved its effectiveness in the realm of marketing. By the end of 2022, there will be 4.2 billion used emails. Hence, it is only natural for companies to embrace the ways of email marketing. The perfect combination of strategies is undertaken by OnServe, which helps the maximum growth and profits of the business.

This enhanced technique is reflected in the greater satisfaction of our clients and their greater profits.

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Advantages of Working With OnServe


Customized Emails According to Products / Services

99% users check their emails regularly. So every email needs to count, we offer custom emails showcasing your best product or service, with call to action buttons to redirect customers back to your site or even better directly to payout section of your ecommerce site. 


Timing is the Key

Need a little extra convincing to get close on that deal? Our email packages includes weekly, monthly and quarterly options all catered to your audience. No matter the audience size we can reach them at any time, any where. 


Reach New Customers Quickly

Need to target an specific audience within a certain radius or demographic? But you don't have the list, don't worry we got you covered, in our database we have millions of consumers ready to receive your campaign, with the click of a button. 

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